Some Of Our Services

Compose music for film or advertisement

$80 an hour

Singers/Songwriters turn your Lyrics or Poems into a complete, multi-track,
radio-ready digital recording

$180 a song
(songs up to 5 minutes, $30 each additional minute)

Transcribe your song and create any kind of music chart that you might need
$20 a page (Handwritten)

Billed on a per project bases

Recreate any track minus the vocals, in any key or tempo

$120 a song
(songs up to 5 minutes, $30 each additional minute)

Convert Records/Tapes to CD or any audio format
$1 (each minute of audio) Digitally mastered to remove hiss/noise.


We accept VISA, Mastercard, Debit Cards as well as PAYPAL.
Average turnaround on a project is 2 weeks.
All prices include arrangement, musicians, engineer and a final mix.

50% deposit required to start project.



1. Record a "scratch voice track" of yourself singing the song.
If you don't play an instrument, a capella is fine. Once your recording is complete, simply attach the file to
an email and send it to us. Note: The scratch vocal track is simply used as a "go by" and will not be heard in the final mix.
Then, if you have an idea of what style/genre you want your music to be, send us an MP3 of the style you want.
For example, if you want a rock style song, what kind of rock?  AC/DC?  ABBA?  B-52's? or The Beatles?  Just send us
an example of a specific style and we can tailor your music to fit that style.  You can be as detailed as you want to be.  

2. We learn your song, arrange it, then start to layer instruments in.
(This is where a source recording of what you want the song to sound like, really helps.)
It will let us know what instruments and feel to use.

3. Once we have a good sounding rough mix of the song, we MP3 you the rough mix and you can let us know any changes.
For example,if you want the song faster or slower or, in a higher/lower key. We can add a chorus or put in or take out the strings.

4. We make the final tweeks and send you the final instrumental mix in any format that you might need.

If you need help with packaging the final song into a CD, we can help you with artwork design, as well as duplicating the CD
in a polished retail ready package.


We can guide you through every step of the production process. Feel free to email us with any questions you might have.

We Use the latest Software, Samplers, Keyboards, Guitars, Instruments and Technology available.

All prices include arrangement, musicians, engineer and a final mix.

We can give you your final tracks in any format that you might need mp3/.wav/aiff/parted out tracks
Product delivered digitally (MP3 256kbps)