Electronic, Techno, House, Rap, R&B, Dance Music.


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  •  “Electrocity” — is a grand departure from composer Derek Wille's usual style of music - Jazz/Classical/Orchestral/Film compositions. In an attempt to understand the subtleties of Modern Dance Music, Derek Wille creates a collection of techno/house/trance/funk/dance tracks.
    These tracks were created quickly and without too much editing with the objective of seeing how much music can pulled out of a song with just muting and moving around objects.  “Electrocity” is a journey through 4/4 dance rhythms and jazzy overtones and chord progressions that can still remain dancable.
    Derek would like to thank his friend Daniel Troberg (Electron Music Company) for motiviating him to try a musical style that he is not used to working in. Hopefully some of these tracks will take your mind on a musical journey.....