Medition Music.

Entitlted To Be Untitled

  • After the release of my new 2009 Experimental CD "Sound Salad" earlier this year, I decided to do something more "In" than "out". Entitlted to be Untitled is a CD that uses limitations and simplicity as a guide rather than experimentation.I believe in the creative philosophy that limitations and boundaries are a great exercise for art. It forces the creator to see how much beauty can be pulled out of a limited situation. This CD has 42 different movements with very little harmonic or rhythmic tension, (unlike my life) that flow into each other over a course of an hour. They are limited to one scale (A Major) with no notes outsde of that 7 note scale. No drums, no fast tempos or 16th or 32nd notes. This CD I hope speaks to a wider audience than my usuall jazz/classical crowd of my previous compilations. I dedicate this CD to my lovely and faithful partner in life, my wife, Stacey. This CD is more appropriate for her style, less angular and more calm and peaceful, like the peace and joy that she has brought into my life. Thanks Stacey I hope all of you can find time to relax and enjoy, "Entitled to be Untitled"