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Derek Wille


"Derek's Music is incredibly deep and haunting, his latest album “Timed Out” is subtly beautiful, with many nuances that take you to places you have never been before"                      

- Jean Bayou , President - S.A.W.

"His creativity and joy of life evolves and is apparent in his music, his songs take you on a musical journey through life and love."

- Dixie Crosby , Baja Times

Derek Wille is a MYNDSTREAM recording artist, composer, performer and producer.
He has worked for over 30 years as an internationally known musician who has contributed
and produced hundreds of recordings for other artists.
Derek’s emotionally evocative sound is his musical signature.
Learning and living music from inside the LA and D.C. jazz scene, Derek experimented and developed an authentic musical voice.

His distinct humor, compassion and sensitivity infuse in his compositions.
By embracing simple melodies and nuanced chord changes, Derek's music saturates your senses
to inspire reflection and peace.

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